The SINGLE MOST important tool to help you and the people you work with get clarity on their goals.


The aim of this site is to give you resources, tips and techniques to accelerate your ability to coach others to success. If you can help others be successful they will help you become more successful. Since 2006 I have tried and tested countless life coaching techniques and without a doubt the most powerful one I’ve used and developed is the Clarity Method. From ranking someone core values to asking great questions to help overcome procrastinating and take action so they get great results.

It’s so valuable, I use it EACH and EVERY time I coach someone in my business.

You can now get hold of the exact process I use, explaining the theory behind the steps, PLUS a full video of me using it with a client.

What’s more, I decided to make the forms free to anyone who buys the Clarity Method. This means you can use them with your employees and clients. After just one Clarity Session you’ll form a deeper bond and understand what makes the person tick.

Isn’t it so much easier to get people to help you when you understand what makes them take action?

I’ve seen so many breakthroughs happen using Clarity Method and I want you to have the same experience.

This book was originally released in 2010 focusing on personal use. It has been completely rewritten and radically updated to become a professional tool for professionals who want to help coach employees and clients to success. While you can still use the information inside to discover your own core values (and I recommend it) the book and accompanying materials are specifically designed for use with employees and clients.

The Costly Mistake of Overlooking Core Values

Before you start using the concept of core values in your coaching, it’s important to understand what they actually are.

I go into this in much more depth in the book, but the short version is this: everyone has a number of core values that underpin all of our major decisions in life, and most of the minor ones too.

These values influence our career choices, our relationship choices and our lifetime goals. The trouble is, most people have no idea what their core values are. As a result, people get stuck in jobs they hate, relationships that aren’t healthy and do things every day that make them miserable. To make it worse, they often don’t know why this is happening!

You will regularly face employees and clients who are anxious, uneasy or overwhelmed and unable to explain why.

This can be challenging for you as a coach, until you realise this secret:

The majority of employees problems are caused by an action, incident or choice that is conflicting with their core values.

For example, someone who has a core value of “positivity” but finds themselves in a team of negative people at work, might feel frustrated on the job, but not know why. Similarly, someone in a high-pressured career who values “peace” may find their work draining, even if they have all the necessary skills and qualifications to get the job done.

This book helps you reveal their core values so you can see if anything is conflicting with them in their day-to-day lives.

If you don’t know what your employees’ values are, you make the coaching process unnecessarily difficult for you, and waste a lot of time and effort. Without this knowledge you will:

  • Struggle to choose the right techniques to coach your employee
  • Experience a disconnect with your employee and find it a challenge to build rapport
  • Be unable to see the whole picture of WHO your employees are and the problem they face

Aligning With Your Core Values is an essential piece of life-coaching kit if you want to avoid these problems.

How The Clarity Method ™ Gives You The Advantage

  • Stop procrastinating and take action.
  • Achieve faster breakthroughs.
  • Understand what is holding your employees back.
  • Get a clear picture of the problem (even if they’re not sure what’s wrong!)
  • Be a better leader at work so you can get the most out of your team.
  • Pick coaching techniques based on fact rather than guesswork and intuition
  • Make the coaching process easier!

When you buy the eBook and supporting materials, you get a step-by-step guide to identifying your your employees’ core values (accurately) and applying this knowledge to your coaching. The book walks you through the following critical coaching stages:

Identifying Your Client’s REAL Core Values

As I mentioned before, many people have no idea what their core values are. The ebook shows you how to introduce the subject to employees and clients so that you get them on board and eager to explore it further. From there, you’ll discover how to walk your employee through the “Values Elicitation” process. This will reveal their top values, in order of importance.

What’s unique about this book is that it shows you how to get an accurate answer from your client, rather than the answer they “think” they should say. If you’re not careful you can be given a completely misleading list of values without knowing it. The methodology in this book shows you how to avoid this.

Know How To Deal With Value Conflicts

Once you’ve discovered your client’s values, you’ll be in a much better position to help them as a coach. The guide shows you how to identify potential conflicts that may be causing your client unhappiness, and explains how you can help them with this (without telling them what to do of course).

Use The Values To Motivate Your Clients

A lot of employees struggle with motivation and procrastinate when deep down they know it makes them unhappy.

In this guide you’ll learn how to find out whether your employees are “away from” or “towards” people when it comes to motivation. Armed with this knowledge, you can actually use their specific values list to trigger motivation and kill procrastination.

Show Clients How Core Values Lead To Future Happiness

The fantastic thing with core values is that as well as helping your clients understand past and current problems or challenges, they can be used to make more informed, happier decisions in the future.

When your customer is aware of their values and knows how to use them to make decisions about their career, relationships and goals, they’re going to find life a lot easier to deal with (and they’ll probably think you’re some kind of genius… which you are of course. )

What You Receive With Your Purchase

You will get INSTANT ACCESS to all of this when you purchase the eBook bundle:

  • The eBook “Clarity Method” (in PDF format)
  • The worksheet we use with all my employees and clients, PLUS a video explaining how to use it
  • A sample values list with instructions that I send to clients
  • Kindle, ePub and black and white versions of the eBook so you can read on any device or print it
  • Videos of me taking a client through the process!

In years of coaching, this is the process I now do without fail each and every time. It shocks me that most businesses and coaches don’t use a similar process, but this is exactly why this eBook give you an opportunity to steal the advantage.

Get The Clarity Method ™ Professional Version for only $199!

Once you’ve purchased your order, you’ll be immediately redirected to a download page where you can download everything included in the bundle. Your downloads will not expire, so you will be able to access them any time in the future.

About Tim, Creator of The Clarity Method

Tim Brownson has coached thousands of people using the Clarity Method. As well as being an in-demand Life Coach, he is also an NLP Master Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist, public speaker, and internationally-published author.